The Mainstream Printing & Embroidery Pattern Craft Trend for Women’s Denim

Women's Denim

The pattern craft of denim follows the mainstream of being retro, relaxing, fun and luxurious. Colorless portrait printing is rather vintage; Colorful graffiti, cartoon and floral pattern bring tension and individuality; Logo letters brought by offset printing and discharge printing are minimalist and classic; Popular rhinestone is integrated with trendy checked pattern to show the retro gorgeousness; Chic embroidery presents simple fun and fashion attitude. Besides, luxurious beads & rhinestone and avant-garde dimensional decorations are also noteworthy.

Women's Denim

The human portrait made by discharge printing and digital printing if flat and breathable. Colorless tone brings a vintage feel to denim.

Women's Denim

To meet the needs of joyous senses, individualized graffiti, cartoon, flower and chain are presented by dazzling colors and elastic offset printing. The combination of flamboyant patterns leads street style to be the mainstream and endows denim with tensive fashion attitude.

Women's Denim

Minimalist and direct brand logos are presented by discharge printing. The all-over printed flag logo shows strong fastness. Letters of different fonts endow denim with street quality.

Women's Denim

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