The Analysis of Showroom Shanghai 2021 W+

Shanghai showroom

From July 1st to 4th, the second Showroom Shanghai Winter+ collection will kick off at Shanghai Exhibition Center. On June 20 last year, Showroom Shanghai organized its first Winter+ collection and started an innovative journey of throwing three shows a year, which is unprecedented in the industry. At that time, the pandemic just started to slow down, and most brands took a wait-and-see attitude. But it turned out that all the brands present at the Winter+ collection last year clearly benefited a lot, and many of them recorded rapid growth, including RE’VAN, CHAU•RISING, MAO MART HOMME, PAN’TTERFLY, HALF-MADE_, and Seriase. Increasing orders received will enable brands to accelerate the transition to commercialization. At the debut Winter+ collection last year, 85 brands received 200 million orders within just 4 days. Many buyers raved that during the fashion week, since so many ordering meetings were around and the schedule was so tight, they just had no time to check new brands. Showroom Shanghai’s WINTER+ avoided this hassle by shunning the fashion week and allowed buyers to have enough time to hunt for those treasure brands overlooked before. The success of last year’s Winter+ collection paved the way for the expansion of the Winter+ collection this year. The Central Hall firstly included in our April collection will also be the center stage for big brands. Major brands like Le Fame, Mili.Xu, ZINGME, MUKZIN, and PAN’TTERFLY will return to the central hall after their huge success at 21A/W collection. The return of UOOYAA will also be a highlight of the Central Hall. West Platform Hall will again feature those brands that performed well in the previous seasons, including Chau•RISING, HALF-MADE_, Seriase, Lynn Gong, BIBILEE, shenshen, SELAH, etc. In addition, the exhibition also puts a focus on many strong brands in the down, knitting, and coat categories, which is worth looking forward to. High-quality and mature brands are important, but Showroom Shanghai has always paid special attention to new brands. This time, 54% of the exhibitors are new brands, which represents new vigor and energy. The inclusion of more than a dozen emerging trendy brands from China and overseas add more vitality to the Winter+ collection. According to the researches of POP FASHION, the maturity and normalization of the Winter+ collection will be able to drive a new wave of explosive growth for participating brands. And the other hand, this kind of openness may also blur the clear brand positions. We will keep our eyes on Showroom Shanghai.

Shanghai showroom

As a main developing category in winter, down jacket also plays an important role in Showroom Shanghai Winter. There are many unique brands which provide creative and commercial items.
Founded in 2018, Christopher Raxxy features the application of abnormal fabrics, recreation of common fabrics and deconstructed silhouettes. The combination of traditional Chinese culture and modern techniques interprets a brand new visual experience of down.
Kong Bai takes minimalist and inclusive lines as the basic silhouette. Natural materials and the relationship between complexity and simplicity pursue differences and call for peacefulness.
The design concept of TYPERIGHTER focuses on contemporary teenage culture and leads new youngsters to build their images. Fun and diverse products are integrated with trendy digital elements to explore the valuable requirements of teenagers.
JNIOR is a pro company for down jacket, and sustainable design is its core concept.
MOON&STAR draws inspiration from the universe and subverts the tradition.

Shanghai showroom

These avant-garde retail brands in this exhibition put emphasis on the fashion and lifestyle of Gen Z. A free and unlimited fashion attitude is injected through clothing design and brand spirit.
Recommended avant-garde womenswear brands: 13 DE MARZO, UOOYAA LAB, DI.AD, ZINGME, Thee.Them, FENGGY, MUKZIN, LEFT FIG Recommended avant-garde menswear brands: ASKYURSELF, ARNODEFRANCE, False Perception

Shanghai showroom

The 10M Club includes those high-quality brands with over 10 million orders in the exhibition.
Brand list: 13 DE MARZO(30M+), HALF-MADE_, ACFN, FENGGY, La Fame

Shanghai showroom

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