The Color Analysis of Menswear Runway (Yellow Series)


Yellow is a bright, positive and energetic color. After Pantone released a bright yellow color in the last season, enormous yellowish items have been emerged. We can see from the S/S 2022 menswear fashion weeks that Pastel Yellow(PANTONE 11-0616 TPG), Lemon Verbena(PANTONE 12-0742 TPG), Empire Yellow(PANTONE 14-0756 TPG) and Lemon Curry(PANTONE 15-0751 TPG) were the main tones of knitwear and outerwear. Pale yellow colors are soothing and healing. Bright yellow colors bring youthful vitality and naughtiness. These are the good choices for the development of summer and vacation.


This generally pastel color is applied more on knitwear, jacket and shirt to increase the graceful elegancy of men.


This warm and practical sunshine color is suitable for outerwear, sweatshirt and shirt, which is positive and thermal.


This slightly greenish tone can be applied on multiple items to express the personal styles and freedom.


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