The Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear


The detail changes on the back are more surprising. Designers use hollow out, tie and romantic elements to form new styles and enrich the back design. The mysterious feel on the back part is exuded through the fine seams and casual tailoring, which provides us with avant-garde styles.


The large-scale backless design can well present the back lines of women. Fine ties allow the monotonous exposed skin to have the premium sense of design. Besides, ties can also fix the shape of item and bring comfortable dressing experiences.


The hollow out design properly reveals women’s charming and sexy back part. Heart-shaped hollow increases the sweetness of items. The symmetric hollow-out design ingeniously exposes the scapula bones and strengthens the linear prettiness. Besides, the decorations along the edges of hollow enrich the details.


Double-layered bow is fused with hollow-out design to create a dazzling visual effect. The knots on the back part of loose shirt reduce the volume of wide sleeves, and form pleats and draped ribbons. An avant-garde and dramatic effect is revealed.


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