The Sexy & Comfortable Womenswear Runway Analysis of Jacquemus


The French fashion house Jacquemus released its latest A/W 21/22 collection in recent days. The runway in this season brought us an aesthetics world of elegant sexual appeal and cool genderless styles. This naturally sexy and comfortable feel is extremely relaxing. Passionate pink and red tones bring joyous senses to A/W collections. The genderless tough tailoring of black styles creates hardcore looks. Rebellious design details and tailoring provide us with a series of new styles. Sexy wrap dress, cropped puffa jacket and hot suite interpret the sexy and cool wardrobe of unique Jacquemus girls.


Passionate Poinciana and Carmine Rose are injected into A/W palette to satisfy people’s desire for joyous sunshine and present flamboyant looks. Sugar Swizzle and Clear Sky are relaxing and elegant. Class brown tone is plain and natural.


Inspired by masculine tailoring, suit silhouette presents retro wide shoulder pads and feminine details like superfine belt. Cropped outerwear is mixed with low-waist capris. Sexy garters and riding pants are paired with workwear vest to reveal the rebellious mix & match.


Cropped silhouette plays an important part in the A/W 2021 runways. The application on puffa jacket is thermal and fashionable. The minimalist silhouette of cropped puffa jacket presents oversized turndown collar to beautify shoulder lines. Belly-length clothing and finger-length sleeves are paired with high-waist trousers to improve the body proportion.


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