The Detail Craft Trend for Womenswear


Shirring is the fastest and the most effective way to break the flatness of clothing. This easily-operated craft has been used widely. These seemingly unintentional shirred decorations increase the 3D effect and bring special tactility. A retro and whimsy individuality is shown. To approach more intensive visual experience, the regular pleats made by shirring also provide functionality. The casual feeling forms more relaxing textures.


Drawstring and elastic band make shirring on front shoulders, sleeve tops and cuffs, which forms a loose bishop sleeve. The larger volume and romantic details allow items to have a languid and leisurely French style.


Drawstring is mainly used on side seams to present the shirred effect. Such design is suitable for T-shirt, dress and skirt. Consumers can adjust the density of pleats and the length of clothing according to personal preference and occasion.


Shirring on princess seams shows textured crinkles on waist and hip, which perfectly beautifies the body shape.


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