The Design Development of Thermal Underwear

Thermal Underwear

Comfort Zone is a place where people feel free at any time. Someone said that we need to be brave enough to step out of this Comfort Zone. However, comfort is what we desire for the most. A piece of soft-touch thermal underwear with natural silhouette can allow the wearer to find warmth and security in winter. Thermal underwear leads us into the Comfort Zone and satisfies the instinctive desire for gentleness.

Thermal Underwear

Shell Coral and Jacaranda are injected into the gray and Egret comfortable underwear to present the fresh textures. These bold trendy colors break the depression of winter and improve the sense of casualness and fashion.

Thermal Underwear

Natural thermal fabric includes plant fibers(cotton-linen, bamboo char) and animal fibers(cashmere, wool). NEI WAI’s unique water-soluable woolen fabric leaves subtle space between fibers. Its lightweight and soft material brings a dressing experience of wearing nothing. Except for the good thermal property, it also presents outstanding skin-friendliness.

Thermal Underwear

Rib fabric is common for thermal underwear, which can bring warmth and heaviness. Its delicate and regularly repeated textures are composed by orderly lines. Such classic and minimalist fabric not only presents the unique visual effect and also an avant-garde sense of technology. Its comfort and air-permeability exude the feminine elegancy.

Thermal Underwear

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