The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Enlarged Overcoat

Women's Enlarged Overcoat

Overcoat has multiple basic silhouettes. Different positions or even the whole clothing is enlarged to present the distinctive visual aesthetic. This report will introduce different enlarged silhouette changes of oversized shape, wide cocoon, padded shoulder, wrap coat, A-line cloak, and wide turn-down collar to demonstrate the notable designs.

Women's Enlarged Overcoat

Oversized coat is comfortable and free. Multiple items can be worn inside to present the rich layers. Crisper fabric should be selected with shoulder pad to avoid the silhouette deformation.

Women's Enlarged Overcoat

Wide cocoon coat can well beautify the shoulder lines of wearers, and its silhouette is comfortable and convenient. Pay attention to the tailoring of shoulder part. The volume of shoulders should be released and the curves of sleeve top and armhole should also be adjusted.

Women's Enlarged Overcoat

Padded shoulders increase the temperament of female wearers. The special design on shoulders presents the sculptural feel and enrich the details. There are many ways to add volume. The one is to increase pleats to present the accumulative feel. And another design is to use shoulder pads and fish bones to increase the crispness.

Women's Enlarged Overcoat

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