The Color Trend for Two-color Minimalism Womenswear

Womenswear color

Impacted by the minimalism, people’s aesthetic is extended to be more minimalist and elevated. We can see from the latest runways, order fair and artworks that two-color palette has become the mainstream, which inspires the color combination of A/W 22/23 womenswear market. This theme presents the visual impact of saturated colors, the healing power of gentle low-saturation colors, and the innovation of classic colorlessness.

Womenswear color

In this changing world, fresh and bold colors can fully present the unique individuality and catch eyeballs. The intensive visual impact stimulates our senses. And the simply bright and joyous color tone can easily express oneself.

Womenswear color

The contrast of saturated two-color shows highlights and strengthens the layers, which is extremely eye-catching yet unified in the living environment. Outerwear, trousers and slit dress are integrated into the daily clothing to easily satisfy youngsters’ desire for freedom.

Womenswear color

Simple saturated colors can directly brighten the autumn and winter. Lively and free green and yellow, romantic and vital pink, languid orange, and emotional blue are decorated on different outerwear, which maintains the regular looks and reverses the depression.

Womenswear color

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