The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Puffy Down Jacket

Women's Puffy Down Jacket

Puffy down jacket presents intensive visual impact. Its full inner filling is also thermal. This report will introduce oversized puffer jacket, widen shoulder vest, puffy O-shaped sleeves, widen shoulder cropped jacket, puffy suits and elongated sleeves to show the trendy silhouettes of down jacket.

Women's Puffy Down Jacket

Oversized puffer jacket provides intensive visual impact and thermal property. The large volume of this wrapped jacket can include multiple underlayer to enrich the visual layers.

Women's Puffy Down Jacket

The widen shoulder of vest can well decorate the shoulder lines of wearer. The exposed underlayer can further enrich the layers. Waistline should be narrower to form the structural contrast.

Women's Puffy Down Jacket

The puffy O-shaped down jacket shows oversized silhouette and catches eyes. The filling of sleeves ensures the good thermal property, especially the heat preservation of arms. The O-shaped silhouette is loose, convenient and comfortable.

Women's Puffy Down Jacket

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