The Analysis of KAPITAL The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

KAPITAL once again presents the combination of traditional Japanese craft and retro American Hippy in the S/S 2021 collection. The elements of extreme sports like street skateboard and cycling are integrated, and classic smiley face brings a series of eye-catching items. Ethnic prints and ties are used to redesign the outerwear and cuffed trousers and present the clothing which is different from the traditional sportswear. The collision of sport style and ethnic style is extremely bold. Besides, S/S 2021 collection also presents the iconic tie-dyeing, boro style and extravagant oversized silhouette to meet the mainstream. Variable colors and eye-catching patterns are applied. Oversized suit uses faded pink and sewed-up pocket kerchief.

Menswear Designer Brand

KAPITAL is more and more popular among teenagers. Heterogeneous textures, colors and patterns are collaged and spliced to increase the highlights and freshness of clothing.

Menswear Designer Brand

As the iconic element of KAPITAL, smiley face pattern is also widely used in this season. The large-scale application of different colors injects childishness. Smiley face is also applied on the design of skating kneepads to present a brand new fashion sport style.

Menswear Designer Brand

Skeleton element, yellow smiley face and ragged style are the iconic designs of KAPITAL with high recognition. Animal prints are added into the latest collection to present a distinct yet integrated design.

Menswear Designer Brand

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