The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Urban Sports Jacket

Men's Urban Sports Jacket

Men’s jacket plays an important role in brand sale. Under the borderless fashion trend, practicality and functionality have become the hot topics recently. Deconstructed functional jacket and light protective jacket gradually emerge. Besides, the practicality of workwear still dominates the fashion world. Retro baseball jacket becomes popular due to the rise of preppy style and retro topics. The zipped pullover style in the last season will also applied on jacket items.

Men's Urban Sports Jacket

Borderless fashion trend leads to the demand for practicality. Zips are applied on side seams, sleeves and hoods to provide slit or detachable functions and fashion, which can also satisfy consumers’ requirements of comfort in multiple occasions. Burberry adds zips on side seams this season to bring the personalized experiences.

Men's Urban Sports Jacket

Baseball jacket is an important part of street culture. Influenced by the popularity of retro trend and preppy style, baseball jacket comes back. Embroidery, towel embroidery and applique are injected to increase delicacy. The retro baseball jacket of Burberry and Gucci will continue the topic.

Men's Urban Sports Jacket

The rise of sun-protective clothing causes the wide application of translucent materials. Light tear-resistant translucent fabric provides lightweight and protection. Glossy coating increases the futuristic fashion sense.

Men's Urban Sports Jacket

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