The Detail Craft Trend for Kids’ Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

Kids' Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

As a practical, versatile and stylish item, sweatshirt pays attention to both fashion and functionality. Since the rise of Hip-Hop culture in the last 70s, comfortable and highly cost-efficient sweatshirt with slogan prints in placement has become an important fashion item. This craft report will put emphasis on the details of sweatshirt. Diverse hand dyeing, vintage poster, stuffed decoration and fluorescent lines are used to present the fashion property. Besides, drop-shoulder puff and shoulder accentuation are the eye-catching designs for girls’ sweatshirt.

Kids' Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

Tie-dyed pattern presents the irregular, hazy and unified halo effect. Variable and individualized tie-dyed patterns are loved by teenagers. SUABI combines dip-dyeing and zebra prints; PRADA’s placement tie-dyed printing is more novel; Givenchy uses dip-dyeing to make patchwork. And its delicate floral edges are eye-catching and cool.

Kids' Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

The placement printing of vintage poster presents a nostalgic vibe, and not too bright colors are used. The hot pixel effect reveals the retro feel brought by the print of last 70s. Decorative applique and leather label with tensive and flowing lines are also available.

Kids' Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

Decorative 3D pocket on front part is a trendy element recently, which also provides practical functions. Heterogeneous splicing and layered sewing strengthen the existence of pockets. Stuffed dolls can not only be used as pendants and can also deconstruct the sweatshirt. LOUIS VUITTON makes decorative doll as the main element of collection to stress the positive emotion.

Kids' Cool and Comfortable Sweatshirt

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