The TOP Suit Ranking of Menswear


According to the TOP 100 downloaded men’s suit of POP users in March, business leisure style occupies 58%, rune art 13% and workwear 5%. The suit design this season pays more attention to the linear feel, and the outstanding placket design uses composite, overlapping and segmentation. Influenced by the military feeling, workwear suit is also a noteworthy point in this season.


According to the TOP 10 list(from left to right is 1 to 5, 6 to 10), business leisure is the main style, followed by workwear and rune art styles. The top 1 Thom Browne uses topstitch to decorate detail and strengthen the outline, which is individualized. Ribbons are used on liner to improve the quality.


The noteworthy composite placket uses two-layer structure design to fill the suit silhouette and decorate the body lines. Classic suit items apply colored placket to increase the highlight and luxurious feel. Brands for reference — Versace and Dolce & Gabbana.


Younger market needs more design space and novel highlights. Overlapped placket is the younger process of composite placket. Different from the elegant and plump composite placket, the overlapped application is more daring and casual. Front chest, neckline and placket all are the main design points.


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