The Natural Print Pattern Trend for Menswear

Menswear pattern

People will endow daily lives with their living conditions and desire. The influence of post-epidemic era, unsteadiness of social economy and natural changes can make people love the pretty nature more. In the current fashion world, many plant and flower elements show up with multiple design styles, which is fashionable and fits people’s willingness. This report will interpret the natural beauty through the introduction of holiday memory, casual nature, flowing camouflage, punk retro and abstract freehand painting.

Menswear pattern

Inspired by the endless nature, many brands apply plants and flowers on their pattern designs. Besides, the collaboration of luxuries and illustrators also presents natural elements this year. Colorful plants and flowers better reveal the holiday vitality.

Menswear pattern

The rise of virtual reality leads to the popularity of casual printing. These plants and flowers have the same flexibility as that of tie-dyeing. The proper application on garments presents the interlaced nature and virtual indistinctly, breaking through the boundary and creating natural prettiness.

Menswear pattern

Borderless trend subverts the conventional design, and the flowing effect weakens the military style of camouflage. The combination with natural graphics makes items into wrong-vision artworks, conveying the stylish and rebellious design aesthetic. Flowing is also the complement and extension of gradient, which injects new elements into the traditional camouflage.

Menswear pattern

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