The Analysis of Stand by The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

S/S 2021 collection conveys emotion, concept and theory through clothing. Taking fabric, pattern, structure and space as carrier, design is used to explore the possibility in new era belongs to teenagers. And it is the constant purpose and meaning of Stand by.

Menswear Designer Brand

Logo is the brand soul. And logo is redesigned through different crafts, fonts and expressions. Variable design endows style with more details and highlights.

Menswear Designer Brand

The maturity of brand is decided by the pattern design. Bold colors are reconstituted and integrated to explore more possibilities of fashion, art and new lifestyle.

Menswear Designer Brand

Worn-out effect satisfies the popular retro trend. Distressed denim and T-shirt are decorated by letters and patterns, injecting unique fashion feel into the retro style.

Menswear Designer Brand

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