The Analysis of CHENPENG The Women’s Down Jacket Designer Brand

Women's Down Jacket Designer Brand

The London-based fashion brand CHENPENG was founded by Chen Peng in 2015. His works can be defined as the One-sized Fashion, speaking for the minority with special body sizes. In Peng’s design aesthetics, there are no boundaries between beauty and ugliness. Instead, he focuses on accentuating personal features. Peng designs pieces suitable for both over-sized and skinny masses by comparing different body shapes among various individuals. The products of CHENPENG appear on many international magazines, such as Vogue UK, GQ UK and i-D. Inspired by the Trash Land on Pacific Ocean, A/W 21/22 collection The New Land aims at expressing that when people have caused irreparable damage to the earth’s environment, they can only adapt to this new environment. After the plastic particles of ocean enter the human body, human genes will start a new round of biological evolution. Elements like marine microbial cells, floating oil, algae and waves are extracted to use on design. The New Land maintains the One-sized Fashion, advocating the coexistence of human and nature and demonstrating the understanding of fashion and sustainable development through design language and products.

Women's Down Jacket Designer Brand

Cocoon sleeve silhouette is combined with curvy tailoring. Its voluminous filling and high inclusiveness weaken the differences between body sizes. Rippled print and eco-friendly blue&green colors strengthen the visual impact and create pioneering down jacket items.

Women's Down Jacket Designer Brand

Designer presents the sea pollution scene through clothing language to express his environmental protection concept. Watercolor halo-dyeing and joyous color enliven the heavy core items of winter.

Women's Down Jacket Designer Brand

Pale ripples and abstract sea water are combined to present the minimalist modern aesthetic. Its refreshing and bright colors warm the winter days. Tiered skirt and bowknot show girly details.

Women's Down Jacket Designer Brand

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