The Accessory Trend for Women’s Additional Design Down Jacket

women's Down Jacket

Since down jacket has become more and more fashionable, additional design is also much more important. How to improve the whole layered feel and also remain its functionality? This report will introduce these additional accessories, including label design, icon design, delicate button, pocket pack, patched pocket and three-dimensional toy.

women's Down Jacket

The design of label clearly reminds the wearer of washing method and shows a textural contrast with the self-fabric. And there are many materials can be used to produce the label, including leather, knits, embroidery thread and even TPU texture. Notably, label texture always uses materials without binding. The application position is often on the pockets or at seams.

women's Down Jacket

Icon represents the culture and history of brand, and symbolizes the brand influence. There are variant icon crafts. 3D embroidery is the most simple craft. And the combination of beading and embroidery or digital printing and embroidery is a more complicated one. Due to the complex craft, icons are always hard after the production. So we should pay attention to the position when sewing, so as not to affect the comfort of the wearer.

women's Down Jacket

Down jacket uses delicate buttons to increase details. Some buckles would apply heterogeneous ribbon according to the color and texture. The material of buckles is also diversified. Metal and plastic textures are the major application to provide contrast with down jacket.

women's Down Jacket

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