The Trousers Fabric Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Catwalks

Womenswear Catwalks

Under the severe global epidemic condition, fashion world is trying to make breakthrough and change. In the latest A/W 21/22 Big Four fashion weeks, the collections of many brands not only put emphasis on practicality and comfort, but also freshness and joy. So people are having rising demands for fresh and healing fabrics in the post-epidemic era. This report will analyse the future fabric trend for women’s trousers through the introduction of warm cotton fabric, comfortable spandex, quality worsted fabric, durable coarse fabric, liquid glossy fabric, flexible leather, fancy corduroy and light chemical fiber.

Womenswear Catwalks

Warm cotton fabric is a kind of recyclable cotton textile. Compared with A/W 20/21, this fabric has richer texture and higher density this season. Its thermal, moisture absorption, air-permeable, anti-static and radioresistant functions allow wearer to have a natural dressing experience and make it suitable for cotton-linen products and cotton blends. Warm cotton fabric is mainly applied on straight and flared trousers to underline detail changes and fabric texture.

Womenswear Catwalks

Comfortable spandex can be stretched in four directions, so it adapts to the body movement and also maintains the pretty appearance. The fabric is the blend of polyester, nylon and spandex, which is main applied on fitted straight trousers. Its good resilience, iron-free and wear resistance provide high practical value.

Womenswear Catwalks

High-quality worsted fabric is woven by traceable and recyclable natural woolen fibers, which endows fabric with exquisite, soft, highly-dense and smooth texture, presenting the classic fashion sense. The combinations with different trousers silhouettes reveal the minimalist and casual feel of urban women and create the classic and practical commuting dressing with detail changes and delicate tailoring.

Womenswear Catwalks

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