The Letter Distortion Pattern Trend for Menswear

Pattern Trend for Menswear

As one of the most important elements for pattern design, letter uses novel changes to express individuality and fashion. Letters with attitude are reinterpreted through distortion, dimensional effect, collage and graffiti accent. The changed colors of letter and background make the pattern have richer layers. Text or shapes are composed by letters, and imagery expression endows patterns with a more interesting spirit.

Pattern Trend for Menswear

Influenced by the A.I. technique and internet, more complicated visual feel has changed people’s beauty-appreciation. Letters are overlapped, and the distorted psychedelic effect presents a visual image with better multidimensional feel and imagination. Highlights in placement present the whole layers, and ingenious color and styling changes reveal the futuristic digital artistic effect through rebuilt structure.

Distortion Letter

The composition of letters can always give people surprise. And numbers, smiley face and abstract shapes composed of letters form novel and minimalist patterns with design feel.The changes of letter sizes and decoration of graffiti improve the layers and interestingness. Besides, exquisite embroidery or flocking craft is applied to present delicate details.

Imagnery Letter

Multidimensional pattern is under a rising trend in the markets. And it uses virtual technique to present the neglected real world. The worn-out dark 3D patterns are applied on black style to exude the street rock temperament. Metallic texture and lightning effect further improve the futuristic and scientific sense.

Dimensional Effect pattern

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