Limitedoudou The Kidswear Designer Brand

Kidswear Designer Brand

Korean kidswear designer brand Limitedoudou is deeply loved by public for its playful illustration patterns and delicate styles. Compared with the past seasons, brand maintains the illustration patterns and adds hollow-out textures. Decorative bright colors provide styling with more highlights.

Kidswear Designer Brand

Hollow-out lace textiles have the transparent and hazy beauty. Voluminous ruffles make sleeves and hem more multidimensional. And the combination with printed decorations presents flexible details.

Kidswear Designer Brand

Ruffles and gigot sleeves are added into the collarless girls’ shirt to present a fluffy and extravagant visual effect. Decorative patterns further enrich the style content.

Kidswear Designer Brand

Dress mainly uses all-over printing. Its low-wasited design strengthens the fluffy sense of hem and provides naughtiness. The combination with placket design at neck renews the visual effect and is more convenient for dressing.

Kidswear Designer Brand

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