The Design Development of Womenswear for the Filter Reality Theme

theme trend

With the updating digital technique, the immersive technology is gradually digitalizing human’s five sense. While daily social interaction is bound by virtual reality, real life is also selectively filtered. With the rapid extension and interlacement of reality and virtuality in every aspects, the identifications of materials and the concepts of environment are continuously being updated. The borders of creation have been unprecedentedly blurred, or even not exist any more. We need to abandon out pursuit of reality and redefine ourselves through surreal dimension.

theme trend

Trend Signal
1.K/DA is a virtual girl group based on the popular MOBA game League of Legends by Riot Games. The group appeared in the S8 final, and gained more attention than the champion IG. The era of virtual IP has arrived.2.Chinese characters are reconstructed to add a technical touch. The abstract and futuristic patterns of writing, painting and printing present a wonderful art form which combines tradition and modernity.3.Antoni Tudisco used virtual technology to create the world of 2054. In the further integration of virtual and reality, more fashion behaviors are expressed through virtual technology.

theme trend

As Asian culture continues to influence youth, Radi-Asian benefits from technological innovation, but gets confined inversely. They passively consume time and themselves on social intercourse. In this digital era, they enjoy immersing themselves in a virtual audiovisual world and expressing their emotions and voices.

theme trend

We11Done S/S 2021 series explores “homesick” which has been shared by people around the world. Due to this pandemic, people have to interact with each other via networks. The series features bold designs and patterned garments, inspired by Jung and Kwon’s interpreting home as a comfortable, safe and warm place, and the desire for the future. Details refer to artist Gerhard Richter’s vague paintings. Neon light and white lines form abstract patterns, and the unique appearance creates stripes on garments. Futuristic stripes are added. Taking cues from “Homesick”, pink is used to denim jackets, jeans and over-length dresses.

theme trend

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