The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Trending Item Ranking in the First Quarter Knitwear

women's Knitwear

According to the interaction data analysis of POP users in the first quarter, simple sophistication(37%) is the most attractive style. Among the young styles, smart casual style occupies 26%, and youthful elegancy 15%. According to the analysis of items, pullover(47%) ranks the first, followed by cardigan(23%). And because of the rising temperature, T-shirt(14%) is under steady improvement. Set item(6%) is also noteworthy.

women's Knitwear

According to the TOP 10 trending knitwear in the first quarter of 2021, simple sophistication style is the most attractive. The whole knitwear style prefers more leisurely and comfortable property. The design is more minimalist but still has delicate details. Except for the noteworthy fine-gauged stitching, craft, pattern and color are also the key design points.

women's Knitwear

With the rise of temperature, the attention of T-shirt increased significantly in this quarter. The color application is richer. Bright colors are used to create fresh and cool knitwear. Exquisite knit texture is the main stitch design. Bowknot provides graceful feel, and metallic decorations shows details.

women's Knitwear

The neat simple sophistication knitwear has loose silhouette and accentuates comfortable dressing experience. White and pale colors are the main hues. Knitwear applies stitch changes to present delicate designs. The heavy-gauged cable shows texture, while fine-gauged placement decoration increases the design feel.

women's Knitwear

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