The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Urban Grace Down Jacket

Men's Urban Grace Down Jacket

Influenced by the social background, the silhouette of down jacket this season is mainly casual, practical and multi-occasional. Applying shirt silhouette on jacket and overcoat is the key silhouette direction. The versatile lightweight down vest silhouette also appear widely this season. Business leisurely suit silhouette and trench coat silhouette are noteworthy. Knee-length puffa jacket is the essential practical item for winter.

Men's Urban Grace Down Jacket

The shirt silhouette is used widely on jacket and overcoat in recent seasons, and it also plays an important role in the development of down jacket silhouette. The simple silhouette structure is suitable for lightweight quilting craft, and the quilting stitch is diversified, such as Dirty Pineapple’s letter quilting seam and Brioni’s check double quilting seam. Burberry’s color-blocking, all-over and monochrome splicing styles are also recommended to present the younger looks.

Men's Urban Grace Down Jacket

Down vest item appears frequently in this season. The light vest can be not only worn inside to increase the thermal property, it can also be worn outside to enrich the dressing layers. The light vest of David Catalan this season is collocated with shirt and vest to show diverse layering.

Men's Urban Grace Down Jacket

With the leisure trend of business wear, designers start to apply suit silhouette on down jacket. The quilted filling of down jacket breaks through the neatness of suit silhouette and increases the leisurely style and thermal property, strengthening the practicality of suit silhouette.

Men's Urban Grace Down Jacket

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