The Clothing Collocation of Women’s Layered Dressing Principle Dress

women's dresses

In order to meet the delicate requirements of modern women for the new life, the clothing collocation of dress item is no longer presented in one-piece. The layered technique has been widely spread, and S/S 2022 dress items are also layered with other items to interpret the mismatch visual effect and the contrastive relationship between inside and outside. The various clothing collocations endow original gentle and elegant items with more emotional styles.

women's dresses

Romantic flower patterns endow dresses with more elegant and romantic temperament. The layered gentle corset blurs the border of underwear and clothing. The heterogeneous layering underlines the layered feeling, and the monochrome dressing is more flexible and lovely. Contrastive colors can be used to accentuate the feminine features.

women's dresses

The minimalist design of versatile monochrome dress always brings the calm softness, which also becomes the favourite style of designer brands. White dress sends out a fairy feeling. The hollow-out lace has 3D and clear texture. The lacing design at cuffs and neckline also improve the sweetness. The outerwear vintage floral vest and ankle-length leather boots strengthen the styling. This clothing collocation is not only thermal but also presents women’s gentle temperament.

women's dresses

Because of modern urban women’s high demand for commuting clothing, the daily and commuting straight dress is the key factor of S/S 2022 clothing collocation. The enlarged silhouette of dress is extended from the shirt styling. And the combination with classic striped shirt fabrics is loved by new urban female consumers. The geometric shapes on plain and minimalist dress better present the capable temperament of women in workplace, and also the fashion sense. The collocation with vest echoes the popular layered dressing principle.

women's dresses

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