The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022 of Swanky Youth Theme

The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022

The new generation swanky youth are growing under the background of global information explosion. The culture difference between western and eastern stimulates the rapid development of distinct community cultures. The fearless attitude of extreme youth presents the classic charm of street culture. The vintage school badges are combined with the fashionable street style. Patterns with intense visual effects are presented through graffiti and posters. CITY POP and sub-culture collage becomes the self-declaration.

The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022

From the vintage past to the reinterpreted classic, the revival of preppy style combines the rebellious individuality of street fashion with the retro classic. The delicate and complicated badges use classic stripes to inject the gender-free fashion concept. The unique street culture made by the collision of youth and fashion and the leisurely mix&match dressing style interpret the enterprising spirit of swanky youth which subverts the tradition.

The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022

The eye-catching color matching design leads us back to the school life. The ingenious color collision and combinations are the key points. The icons on the sports uniform and positive slogans are the best representatives of young vitality. Loose silhouette and unique POLO collar echo the rebellious attitude of street preppy style and present the retro aesthetics of leisurely fashion.

The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022

The spirit pleasure can bring infinite satisfaction. The combination of skateboard, riding logo and smiling face outlined with simple lines makes the simple graphic form vivid and interesting. The smiley face is the best proof. The base pattern made by color tie-dyeing and splash ink is the perfect expression of young vitality. The cool street youngster image with attitude can be shown without too much decorations.

The Pattern Trend for S/S 2022

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