The Analysis of Andersson Bell The Womenswear Korean Unisex Dominator Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

ANDERSSON BELL is a Korean famous designer leisurely brand founded in 2014. This brand owns the sensibility of North Europe and focuses on the brand value of slow fashion. ANDERSSON BELL is good at integrating past and present, tradition and fashion. It also blends all the street, art and culture elements to state its theme of dressing freedom. Most items are presented in unisex style. Different from other gender-free design brands, the unisex style of ANDERSSON BELL is more practical. It breaks through the border of gender and body shape. The North European slow aesthetic is also injected into the updating styling, which endows clothes with cultural connotation and value and creates high-quality fashionable clothes.

womenswear Brand

Suit item is presented through unisex style. And the craft texture injects a fashionable sense into the commercial unisex suit. Division and dropped shoulder details rebuild the traditional formal clothes. The structural appearance made by division and the asymmetric waistband break through the traditional convention and bring unique styles.

Commercial Unisex Suit

Knit is updated through loose silhouette and colors. Combining the traditional knit with the modern street elements, raw-edge and skip stitch processes can show the distressed effect, sending out the charm of items.

Distressed Knit

Sticking to the unisex design, short-sleeve printed shirt with fresh contrast-colored patterns sends out the North European style. Tie-dyed stripe&check with embroidered flowers combines tradition with fashion. Checked and carved shirt has a thick classical feeling and creates classical street temperament.

Vintage Street Shirt

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