The Apricot Gelato Color Trend for Women’s Knitwear

womenswear color

Apricot Gelato is selected from the theme Sunlit City. The warm and gentle interlace sunlight releases the life and mental space which the urban city is longing for. The urban commuting style is presented through minimalist and New Scandi color tones led by positive psychology and optimistic awareness. The changing density of knitting is the main method to present the interlace light and shade effect on women’s knitwear. The hollow-out textured pattern and transparent silk are used to create the transparent effect. With the help of more fitted silhouette, it can redefine the strong and independent image of modern urban women.

womenswear color

Apricot Gelato is the key of urban commuting style in this season. Designs like fitted tailoring, hollow-out, outerwear underwear can perfectly show the sexual appeal of female. Neat and tight-fit silhouette, leather splicing and metallic accessories increase the power and build more stylish independent urban women.

womenswear color

Apricot Gelato is gentle and inclusive, which is suitable for minimalist and light commercial commuting collections to present the elegance. Details like hollow-out and vent can increase the sexual appeal. The tonal colors like Doe and Egret are the main colors. And the complementary Della Robbia Blue is used to brighten the palette.

womenswear color

Line segmentation is the key point of taking Apricot Gelato as the main color. It is suitable for applying on tight-fit dresses, bottom shirts and short-cut cardigan through tailoring, changing knitted texture and color lump splicing. The simple and powerful linear feeling brings elegance and warm healing sense.

womenswear color

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