The Craft Trend for Women’s Unique Hollows Denim

Women's Denim

Outerwear and trousers are the most popular items of denim, especially jeans. Therefore, the design craft of trousers is extremely important. The following craft elements are summarized depending on beauty and creativity. Distressed effect & chains, lacing & hollow-out, positioning hollow-out & handcraft, zipper & distressed effect and distressed napping & decorative stitch are deeply loved by the public and fashionista.

Women's Denim

Distressed napping is a common design for denim items to present details. And the hollows of this season are larger than the past, which is not delicate enough. So designers apply chains to increase the delicacy. Decorative embellishments on hollows will be a trend in the future. Chains of different thickness and pearls can create individualized denim.

Women's Denim

Except for hollow-out, lacing which originates from street leisurely clothes also provides visual impacts. The combination of decorative lacing and hollow-out can perfectly present wearers’ sexual appeal. The lacing design is mainly used at side seams, middle thigh and waist sides. However, the conservative design is more popular in China. Lacing is used at side seams and some overlapped parts to a decorative and fixed role.

Women's Denim

Positioning hollow-out design can increase the design sense of denim. And the application of embroidery, stitching and eyelets on the edges of hollow-out bowknot, stars and circles can well present the detailed delicacy. According to the market feedback, heart shape is the noteworthy pattern among current womenswear, and it is also one of the popular patterns of denim.

Women's Denim

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