SS 2022 Theme Fashion Trend Keywords | POP Fashion

In S/S 2022, healthy social lives and economy enters in a new diversified normality. People use Bionic Art to recreate the connection with nature; people use virtual and digital technology to upgrade the emotional futuristic resonance of The Sixth Sense; the Sweet Mix style reshapes the individualized expression of Gender Fluidity; the natural-balanced delicate style updates the Summer Ocean; Copy&Paste redefines the fashion timeline; the delicate Unusual Sensuality; the national consciousness of Local East Asia; new aesthetic Cottagecore Rural. These are the Top10 key words of theme trend, which present the most noteworthy direction of this season and predict the theme trend of the coming season. This report distills some theme style key words, and expands the theme trend. POP will keep updating the key words report to make quick response and grasp the key points of trend.

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