The Filter Reality of S/S 2022 Theme Trend

theme trend

With the development of digital technology, seeing and hearing will be digitized, and touch and smell will also be digitized. Immersive digital technology is gradually filtering the reality, and reality and social intercourse are increasingly tied up with virtuality. Gen Z enjoys immersing themselves in a virtual audiovisual world, releasing their emotions and making their voices heard. We behind the filter also feel empathetic and express our thoughts via futuristic mixed styling. At present, the filter reality has been extended as boundaries between people and things in different fields or attributes, and boundary between garments and crafts is also gradually blurred. Brand-new trans-boundary designs can be tried to bring a more avant-garde street style.

Theme Driver Analysis

We11Done S/S 2021 series explores “homesick” which has been shared by people around the world. Due to this pandemic, people have to interact with each other via networks. The series features bold designs and patterned garments, inspired by Jung and Kwon’s interpreting home as a comfortable, safe and warm place, and the desire for the future. Details refer to artist Gerhard Richter’s vague paintings. Neon light and white lines form abstract patterns, and the unique appearance creates stripes on garments. Futuristic stripes are added. Taking cues from “Homesick”, pink is used to denim jackets, jeans and over-length dresses.

Representative Brand -- We11Done

Y/Project S/S 2021 collection has a theme of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The Evergreen series also shows up together with S/S collection. Symbolic works of Y/Project are recreated to show smart structures and diagonal signature designs. The architectural cutting of Glenn Martens has shaped a characteristic style, blurring the design boundary. Various items are matched in diverse ways, which is a key focus of the brand. (More recommended brands are SU GI, Marine Serre, Jan Cerny, Taakk and HATRA.)

Representative Brand -- Y/Project

Color Inspiration

  1. K/DA is a virtual girl group of League of Legends, a popular MOBA. It showed up in the S8 finals and even overshadowed the S8 finals champion IG.
  2. Fast fashion also influences young consumers. Bershka brings us a new series Night Ride which is closer to night fashion with an elegant, cautious and eclectic style. Its clothing tries to find the balance between the bold and the meaningful, the simple and the cautious. Street fashion and art inspire elegant clothing and change our understanding of night fashion
Color Inspiration

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