The Thematic Color Trend for Womenswear


Sustainable development is the topic of the public, resulting in the change of people’s lifestyles. People pursue a comfortable experience, and eco-friendly cotton and linen style returns back. A/W 21/22 will center on cotton and linen colors. Plain and healing colors reveal people’s pursuit of wellness and comfort. With cotton and linen tones like Maple Sugar, Sweet Corn and Rhubarb as basic tones, Celadon Green, Rose Quartz and Light Gold contrast with each other, indicating cotton and linen style is no longer limited to conventional raw colors and pure natural cotton and linen trend. Sustainable synthetic materials with textures of cotton and linen are gradually accepted by consumers.


Sweet Corn is dominant, complemented by Maple Sugar to break the dullness of cotton and linen style in winter. Evening Blue and Rhubarb work as decorations to enrich layers of cold and warm colors.


This theme recommends four colorways. 1. Bright Sweet Corn contrasts with Evening Blue, with Maple Sugar to add depth. 2. A Rhubarb slip dress is worn over an Evening Blue shirt, cool and comfortable. 3. Plain Maple Sugar is layered with Sweet Corn, decorated by Evening Blue accessories. 4. The cotton and linen trench coat in Sweet Corn pairs with Evening Blue shoes.


Pure Sweet Corn is key in autumn and winter. Its large-scale use on cotton and line clothes makes a bright visual effect. The textured Maple Sugar quilted outerwear is combined with tonal cotton and linen trousers, bringing a comfortable cotton and linen set. A Rhubarb sweatshirt is worn inside, young and chic. Dark-colored accessories enrich color layers.


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