The Silhouette Trend for Women’s Powerful Looks Overcoats

Women's Powerful Looks Overcoats

With the rise of women’s status, A/W 21/22 women’s overcoats will focus more on fashionable styling. In order to show silhouette changes, this report analyzes representative directions from sleeves, length and so on. Designers combine voluminous pleated sleeves, high arc sleeves, short-sleeve overcoats and mid-length overcoats to reveal feminism while they interpret the aesthetics of clothes via silhouettes.

Women's Powerful Looks Overcoats

Pleated sleeves enlarge the volume and then get folded. Materials are crisp and heavy, thus sleeves are avant-garde. This design highlights the top half of the body and makes a trapezoid effect.

High Arc Sleeves

Arc-shoulder design makes a shoulder-shrugging visual effect, ideal for ladies who want to change a little. Besides, it can be combined with mid-length and short silhouettes.

Women's Powerful Looks Overcoats

Short-sleeve overcoats take on a unique appearance and allow for more styling ways.

Women's Powerful Looks Overcoats

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