The Urban Bystander Confirmation of Womenswear Color Trend

Womenswear Color Trend

Urban Bystander is one of S/S 2021 theme color trends released by POP. Neutrals are pretty inclusive thanks to their low saturation. This theme pairs natural neutrals like Bark, Pristine and Alabaster Gleam with dark neutrals such as Spiced Apple and Espresso, delivering a rational feel. Natural neutrals are trans-seasonal, catering to durability trend.

Womenswear Color Trend

Bark is a key color of this theme. It is a neutral tone from nature, carrying a muted hue. It returns to simplicity from maximalism, creating a luxurious vibe with its understated color. On S/S 2021 catwalks, it frequently appears, proving the trend mentioned in Urban Bystander.

Womenswear Color Trend

Tibetan Stone is the second key color. It has bright lustre and subtle texture, delivering a reserved and calm feel. S/S 2021 catwalks also respond to this color trend. This season, the synthetic quality shows its cool art aesthetics.

Womenswear Color Trend

From the perspective of urban bystanders, this season takes Bark as a key tone, and uses Spiced Apple and Tibetan Stone for a modern artistic palette. On S/S 2021 catwalks, Bark frequently appears, further indicating the foresight of Urban Bystander.

Womenswear Color Trend

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