The Geometric Lace Fabric Trend for Women’s Underwear

Geometry, a rational mathematical term, gives fashion infinite possibilities through size change, deconstruction, combination and layout with the help of designers. Lace is one of the ever-lasting symbols in the fashion industry. World-famous brands, royal families, fashionistas and street fashion all love lace. Unlike the sweetness of flowers, nonchalant geometric patterns add a chic and neat accent to romantic lace.

Zigzag wavy patterns are dynamic and lively. They pair with virtual and real designs to create a staggered and exquisite effect, appealing to young consumers.

Diamond is symmetric, solid and staggered. It is combined with lace for an elegant and appealing visual impact.

Checks are widely applied to various items. Lace checks and gauze are ethereal and graceful. They are combined to display the low-key beauty.

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