Clothing Collocation for Women’s Trousers


From fashionistas, street snaps and brands such as Andersson Bell, Pushbutton and Open The Door, we can see trousers are key for styling. This year denim, suiting and casual fabrics are combined with high-waist trousers. And trousers become a key item for Pre-Fall 2021. Tops are tight and fitted, with high-waist trousers to well lengthen the figure.

high-waist trousers

Styling of High-Waist Trousers

Casual high-waist trousers are paired with shirred tops to well accentuate female form. Comfortable sneakers show a strong casual fashion.

clothing collocation

Layered Match of Vests

Angus Chiang creates mock-layer vests, ombre knitted vests and ruffled slips to create a layered match visually. As for bottoms, sporty trousers tap into Gen Z.

clothing collocation

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