Online Fashion Weeks The Comprehensive Analysis of Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2020-2021

haute couture fashion week

2020 is hard for the fashion industry. This COVID-19 pandemic disrupts the original plan of many brands. The A/W 2020 Haute Couture fashion week is held via videos. Without stars and fashion bloggers to heat the fashion week, many brands conceptualize a new presentation mode and display their eye-catching works with their creativity. Luckily, with the help of digital technology, they can present their designs online. Lets’ see what the online fashion week is like.

haute couture fashion week

Luxurious stacking, draping, lace, jacquard and embroidery co-create the ethereal gauze dress. Giambattista Valli stacks pink gauze, dreamy and aesthetic. Besides, veil is a highlight. The gauze veil reflects current social phenomenon and adds a mystical feeling.

haute couture fashion week

Stacked pleats reveal a sense of design. Georges Chakra adds wave-like edges to bring petal-like pleats. Balmain uses 3D pleats and fills patterns with pleats to enhance the visual effect and display the aesthetics of female curves, which is timeless with its layered, spatial and chic feel.

haute couture fashion week

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