The Comprehensive Analysis of Women’s Wedding Dress in 2020

wedding dresses

As time changes, wedding forms and venues become increasingly diverse, and brides need to change costumes and accessories for varied rituals. Couples are gradually aware of the economic and environmental impacts of weddings, so they buy a wider range of clothing and choose products that can be worn after the wedding. This report concludes key points below based on consumers’ online searching, browsing and buying data in the past one year, social media index and brands’ topicality, multi-platform mentions of products, labels and related keywords, as well as sentiment analysis.

wedding dresses

Sustainable fashion is influencing the wedding dress market. Online searches of “vintage” or “second-hand” are up by 38%. The average monthly search volume is close to 19,000.

wedding dresses

Bridal gowns are evolving, and brands are changing the market with loose, modern and economical gowns. Searches of the white Ganni dress rise by 41% in the past six months and those of Cecilie Bahnsen’s white dresses are up by 244%.

wedding dresses

With the rise of sustainable bridal gown, the need for simpler wedding dress stands out. These gowns won’t be aged and can be worn after the wedding. Searches of casualwear from brands like Galvan ascend by 64% than last quarter, and those of white suit coats and white jumpsuits are up by 19% and 36% respectively.

wedding dresses

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