The Craft Detail Trend for Kids’ Undershirts

Kids' Undershirts

Undershirts, a daily versatile item, are played out through various fabrics and lavish crafts. The knitted, woven and woolen undershirts play a key role in everyday wear.

Kids' Undershirts

Exquisite ruffled stand collar adds a retro sweet feeling to the ditsy fabric, the plain solid fabric or the warm woolen fabric. Jeans or skirts are good choices.

Kids' Undershirts

Cap sleeves reveal a sweet and ethereal touch. Gauze ruffles are dreamlike. Double-layered lace allows the undershirt to be worn outside, quite playful. Lace enhances sweetness.

Kids' Undershirts

Bowknot undershirts can be worn both inside and outside. The size and number of bowknots decide the style. Combined dainty bowknots are lively, while big bowknot is retro and elegant. The strap can just drape, or be tied for a bowknot.

Kids' Undershirts

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