The Comprehensive Analysis of Korean Yuppie and Casual Menswear Designer Brands

Menswear Designer Brands

Korean brands which focus on a simple quality highlight design and quality. “Minimalist” and “restrained” are the essence of Korean designer brands. Light colors work with minimalist aesthetics to create simple but not ordinary items. Refined silhouette and comfy style are dominant, while details deliver an exquisite touch.

Menswear Designer Brands

Suit is a must for men. With varied details, fabrics and cutting, suits can work well for various occasions from the office to a dinner party. IN SILENCE, System Homme and TIME HOMME all display classic suits to underline the casual side of urban men.

Menswear Designer Brands

Tones in low saturation play a key role in creating trans-seasonal looks. Perennial hues create modern muted looks and reveal a comfy and tranquil vibe. Besides, they are also ideal for mix and match of causal looks.

Menswear Designer Brands

Two-sided splicing is chic and creative. Andersson Bell and System Homme splices sweatshirt fabric with denim, presenting a unique look.

Menswear Designer Brands

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