TOP 30 Popular Brands of Women’s Leather and Fur in the First Half of 2020

Women's Leather and Fur

TOP 30 Popular Brands of Women’s Leather and Fur in the First Half of 2020

Based on downloading interactive data of users in the first half of 2020, this report ranks top 30 brands of women’s leather and fur, and makes a key analysis of key brands and key designs to help with the development of new products. In the leather and fur industry, sophisticated luxury brands lead the top list, and other brands like Hermes, Fendi and Burberry also draw much attention with their refined details. Designer brands which specialize in leather and fur are accepted by the market with simple, practical yet novel designs. Original designer brands from Japan, Korea and China like FANO and Stylenanda create bold designs and pursue high-quality, comfortable items.

Women's Leather and Fur

TOP 1 — Hermes
Since Hermes opened its first harness shop in Paris in 1837, its exquisite craftsmanship and aristocratic design have been leading the clothing industry. It is luxury, conservative and noble. Its entire style, details and stores are all filled with the profound horse culture. We can say it is the leather that makes Hermes. It is always the brand with high attention in the leather industry.

Women's Leather and Fur

STAND is a young Swedish brand. It is dedicated to producing high-quality clothing with premium materials. Based on leather, it adopts varied materials and fabrics in the new collection. For example, it turns the marine recycled plastic into artificial leather or patent leather outerwear. Psychedelic snakeskin is combined with muted colors, fully interpreting contrast colors.

Women's Leather and Fur

TOP 3 — Burberry
Burberry is a classic British luxury brand founded in 1856. It sticks to traditional essence and exquisite crafts and becomes world-famous with its creative fabrics and innovative digital technologies. Burberry mixes leather and fur crafts with the sportif style, thus creating brand-new fashion items. All-wool items also gain much attention. Its ranking among the top 10 is closely related to the brand’s digital strategy shift in China and the promotion of celebrities such as brand ambassador Zhou Dongyu.

Women's Leather and Fur

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