Clothing Collocation for Women’s Sweet Skirts

Women's Sweet Skirts

The skirt plays an important role in womenswear, and becomes the best option in clothing collocation with its multiple colors and styles. In S/S 2021, designers need to focus on the irregular hemline design and match of a tight knitted top and a mid-length skirt. Clothing collocation keeps the retro fresh feel, with slightly retro colors. Proportion of tops and skirts is 2:3, fit for females with different body types.

Women's Sweet Skirts

A tight knitted top is paired with a mid-length skirt, which will prevail this year. Items in retro colors are matched, with a brown leather messenger bag for a chic retro feel.

Women's Sweet Skirts

Placement drawstring adds details and a design sense to the skirt. Its combination with a blouse of Fabiana C creates a fresh look.

Women's Sweet Skirts

The irregular skirt is lively and casual. Tender colors are girly, with a resort style ARANAZ woven bag for a pleasing vibe.

Women's Sweet Skirts

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