After Us A/W 21/22 Theme Pattern Trend

Pattern Trend

Political turmoil, economic instability, and this sudden pandemic magnify people’s panic about the future. In this digital age, panic spreads globally. A group of fearless youngsters advocates expressionism, and extends their individuality through surreal, dark, edgy street looks. Faced with this bad social environment, young people are suffering from unprecedented emotional impact and psychological gap, and try to find emotional vent. Dark fashion presents people’s anxiety and fear in the most direct way, thus horror aesthetics rises in the fashion industry.

Pattern Trend

Representative IP is MSGM. Horror movie is the trend of this season. Print is the main product co-created by MSGM designer Giorgetti and Dario Argento. “MSGM perfectly mixes all the emotions that people find in my films with the fabric”, said Dario Argento. Dario Argento’s color vision is one of his visual strengths. Intense and strong colors are ferocious and aggressive. Even horror aesthetics blends with colors and lights of neon lights.

Pattern Trend

The desolated house frightens us, but its mystery excites our curiosity. As a normal element in horror films, the ancient house is also applied to the fabric in the new season and displayed by simple lines, so it becomes more daily and wearable.

Pattern Trend

Sci-fi horror films are closer to modern life. The development of modern technology and AI technology arouses people’s panic and thinking about human nature, man-machine relationship and moral ethics. The worse global climate and animal survival crisis lead to the fantasy and exploration of the future and the unknown world. Phantom and circuit failure elements fuse with technical and horrible elements, reflecting inner panic.

Pattern Trend

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