The Design Capsule of Women’s Modern Meditation Yogawear

Women's Yogawear

Ancestral athletics such as yoga increasingly appear in new fitness group. Cutouts, asymmetry and luxe fabrics create premium looks. Trendy details on catwalks are also integrated, displaying the dramatic luxury of fashion. Although yogawear features natural tones, some brights are injected for youth appeal. This will help enter non-traditional markets and make yoga down-to-earth and accessible. Designers are paying attention to trend origin, nature, a slower life and a mindful lifestyle.

Women's Yogawear

Bikram set is designed to absorb sweat, and offers maximum movement and breathability without restrictive, unnecessary fabric coverage. Comfort is a priority and super-stretch fabrics are indispensable. Circular knits work well and ribbed or textured jersey adds a luxurious feel. Two-piece sets are ideal to be mixed with other items, catering to modular trend. Asymmetric top shows luxurious details. Shoulder straps provide extra chest support. This silhouette is aimed at young consumers.

Women's Yogawear

As consumers demand a versatile wardrobe, items fit for more occasions rise. Wrap details uptrend to sculpt the form, nod to fetish trends and abandon exaggerated elements. Excess fabric makes the item adjustable, and brings multiple wearing ways and stronger comfort. Exquisite cutouts present a luxe appearance. Sportswear market draws inspiration from catwalks to further fuse functionality with fashion.

Wrapped Yoga Top

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