Minichoc The Kidswear Designer Brand

Childhood is beautiful. In S/S 2020, with a theme of love, minichoc adopts multiple colors to show kids’ vitality and create fun patterns and scenes.

Letter is an important pattern for self-expression. Letter enhances a chic feel of T-shirts, with tassels to make the style ethereal. Its combination with polo collar is quite novel.

Hand-drawn or story-telling patterns draw increasing attention. In S/S 2020, minichoc integrates fruits and vegetables, surfing elements and fun figures together to bring a fun wearing experience.

As for dresses, minichoc emphasizes the fabric change. Woven stripes are combined with big ruffles, fresh and fashionable. Based on knitwear, prints strengthen a casual vibe. Gauze works with ruffle and half-hidden pattern to deliver a sweet and romantic feel.

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