Speak for The Environment of Clothing Collocation for Men’s Knitwear


For the textile and clothing industry, sustainable fashion is an important trend in the future development of the whole industry. Currently, the most concerned green initiatives are recycling and reusing, environmentally-friendly packaging, environmentally-friendly new materials, sustainable fashion brands, sustainable fashion e-commerce, sustainable supply chain. Environmental protection is not only a kind of consciousness, but also needs to permeate all aspects of human life. In S/S 2021, men’s knitwear integrates environmental protection into the design from patterns, stitches and detail crafts. And style will be suitable for various occasions to be both environmentally-friendly and wearable. With a more direct form, men’s knitwear allows consumers to accept and support the concept of sustainable fashion and environmental protection.

Men's Knitwear

Inspirations come from the liquid image formed by toxic waste water, which is presented on the knitwear by tie-dye and spray printing. It is suitable to be paired with functional workwear trousers to fully express the mood industry. Or a crisp organza trench coat or a short-sleeved shirt can be worn outside the knitwear to interpret the relationship between plastic and water.

Flowing Liquids

With the development of the society, global warming has become an environmental problem that cannot be ignored. And ozone hole is the direct cause of climate warming. In S/S 2021, the thermal imaging of ozone hole will be directly displayed on the style by printing and tie-dye. The bottom can be glossy workwear trousers which are technical and futuristic. The look tends to be street fashion, fit for young consumers.


The indiscriminate disposal of old fishing nets is also a major source of marine pollution. Fishing nets inspire the delicate cutout of knitwear. Stitch change can create mesh cutouts, and stitched patterns are integrated into the design. Crocheting can create fuller and more 3D mesh compared with machine weaving. The mesh vest is worn over a metallic shirt, and paired with suit trousers, bringing superior and young business style.

Woven Mesh

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