The TOP Puffa Jackets of Boys’ Wear


According to data analysis of TOP 100 downloaded boys’ puffa jackets from January to March, the leisure style holds the largest proportion (87%), with the outdoor sport style (11%) and the designer style (9%) to be main styles of the month. For patterns, letter (41%) and animal (8%) are main elements. Combined crafts prevail, and splicing (42%) and positioning print (38%) are main crafts. (The data is up to April 2nd.)


TOP 10

According to the TOP 10 list (From left to right are 1-5, 6-10.), Chinese brands are more popular, holding 90%. In the TOP 10 list, the Chinese brand, MQD, takes up 40%. Workwear elements, splicing design and decorations gain much attention.


Outdoor workwear style is the key point. MQD draws the most attention. Splicing, workwear pockets and camouflage are combined to bring more visual changes for workwear styles.


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