The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Polo Shirts

1Men's Polo Shirts

Originally Polo shirts were worn by aristocrats when they played Polo. Later, the Polo style was applied to other sportswear and even casual wear, so it was also called as golf shirts or tennis shirts. It was tennis player Rene Lacoste who really came up with the modern polo shirt. He launched his own polo shirt brand, Lacoste, in 1933. In 1971, tennis player Ralph Lauren introduced Polo Ralph Lauren, a casual product line, and used the Polo logo. For the next 20 years Polo flourished, beating out Lacoste to become the iconic Polo shirt brand. Nowadays, Polo shirts are suitable for a wide range of occasions. In S/S 2021, Polo shirts take on a young and fashionable new business style in terms of collar change, different materials, colors and patterns on the collar.

Zipper Polo shirt

Compared with conventional Polo shirts, the widened placket is more popular with young consumers. Color-blocking and splicing are applied to Polo shirts. The texture on the garment body makes a contrast with the widened and lengthened collar, creating exquisite knitwear.

Widened Plackets polo shirt

In S/S 2021, big color blocks are in soft chromatic colors. Lively and bright colors in high saturation make a sharp contrast with the Polo shirt, revealing the younger business style. Color blocks are arranged variously, enriching the layered sense.


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