The Fashion Industry Under the Pandemic


After the novel coronavirus spreads around the world, governments and healthcare systems impose strict activity restrictions. This pandemic restricting consumption allows consumers to rethink their values for spending and shopping, and forces us to pay more attention to practicality, storage value and social meaning. Face masks, protective clothing, goggles, isolation and frequently washing hand are our safest protective barriers currently. Mutual help globally highlights the importance of a community with a shared future for mankind. Many fashion brands and insiders all join this battle with the pandemic. Let’s see changes of the fashion industry.

2Fashion Industry

Due to the pandemic, there is a great shortage of protective materials. In China, many well-known enterprises switch to manufacturing masks. On March 15th, LVMH, a French luxury goods giant, announces that it will use its perfume and cosmetics factories to produce sanitizer, and it supplies free to front-line medics. Chanel and HERMES announce the shutdown of production. Kering also expresses it will buy 3 million masks from China and supply them to French health services. Its brands, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, have announced they will produce masks.



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