The Quirky Portraits Pattern Craft Trend for Menswear

Craft Trend for Menswear

At present, the pandemic is spreading all over the world, and terror fills the air. Artistic expression is one of the important ways for human beings to break through fear. Retro paintings and grotesque figures are increasingly favored by designers, and the globalization of horror and sci-fi films has created many wonderful black fairy tale worlds for people. Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2020 series integrates horror films and sci-fi novels into its latest product promotion. The development of science and technology brings not only the positive side. Dystopia concept is gaining attention from designers, and uses changeable quirky portraits to reflect the design philosophy, which is a key pattern trend in the new season.

Menswear pattern

Applique perfectly displays the unruly individuality of items, with figure patterns to show the attitude of street fashion. Misbhv, Stella McCartney and Devil Nut combine multiple applique. Proportion change and color contrast all bring new changes to applique, and further strengthening the layered sense of the item. TRENDIANO, Allegri and John Richmond make use of applique. The artistic recreation brings unique charm for applique.


The crowd print emerges and becomes a symbolic design element of many brands. Black and white reduce the tensile force of the crowd and become the an important design direction. Unbreakable arranges the images in grids to create a unique rhythmic sense. Burberry, Unbreakable and Maison Mihara Yasuhiro apply the all-over crowd print to sweatshirts, jackets and outerwear, expanding the applications of this pattern.


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